Fri 31 Jul 2020: 15:23 London Euston to Birmingham New Street

Service Summary

IDs:9G29    729G29MQ31    P04540
Type:Express Passenger
Operator:VT: Avanti West Coast
Power Type:EMU: Electric Multiple Unit
Sched Speed:125mph
Class(es):First and Standard
Cancelled At:London Euston
Cancelled At:31 Jul 2020 15:23:00
Canc. Reason:Miscellaneous items (including trees) causing obstructions, not the result of trespass, vandalism, weather or fallen/thrown from trains (Infrastructure causes)

Service Calling Points

# Station Sch. Arr    Actual Arr     Sch. Dep    Actual Dep    
1 London Euston 15:23
2 Watford Junction 15:37
3 Coventry 16:22 16:22
4 Birmingham International 16:33 16:33
5 Birmingham New Street 16:45

Data reflects train services up to:  14:12 on Fri 14 Aug 2020.